Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Because we wanted our lives to be more cinematic...

For an upcoming show at the Jackpot in Lawrence, I tried to incorporate imagery for each band into one awesome movie poster. Karma Vision once played a show under the name Actor John Goodman. The rest are a bit easier to interpret. 

Architect Music

One night, three bands featuring alumni, dropouts, and current students of the University of Kansas School of Architecture.

Dressed Right for a Beach Fight

After a line by The Who.
Another poster for South Sea Island Magic, featuring an assortment of seashells found on a trip to Sanibel Island. We'd wake up at four in the morning to catch the low tide, search for shells with flashlights, then sit and watch the sun rise.
A wedding gift for two good friends, two years in the making. The band onstage is Horse Feathers, a band from Portland that plays quiet, beautiful folk music. The setting is the Bottleneck in Lawrence, although it's not always this picturesque.

Cowboy Indian Bear at the Bottleneck

Inspired by two summer afternoons drawing at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.

Waves Will Crash

The fifty foot tall woman makes an amphibious attack.